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Markbass CMD JB Black Line 15

Markbass - CMD JB Black Line 15" Combo Player School

Artnr: IDS0039968
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

479.00 EUR/tk


Markbass Artist Jeff Berlin is the Director of The Players School Of Music, located in Florida!
Founded by Jeff Berlin in 1996, The Players School of Music is a music school created to improve music education by teaching students
according to their ability to learn. The music school introduced a bold new concept in music education: that students had time to become
familiar with their homework and practice without pressure. Memorization of music was removed from study. Review and daily practice
were emphasized at this music school.
The CMD JB PLAYERS SCHOOL combo, named as Jeff’s great Music School, is the perfect choice for students... not only at The Player
School of Music but... worldwide!
We know how is important for student to practice and play with a good professional sound, as well as to have a compact, light and
portable combo.
This combo is a smart choice which satisfy all these requests, and it’s inexpensive besides it features the same quality standards apply
to all of our products.

1 x 15”
200W RMS
Reflex Rear
Impedance 8 ohms
Amp Output Power
250W @ 4 ohm / 150W @ 8 ohm
Solid State
Frequency Responce
Sensitivity dB SPL
Weight Kg/lbs
40Hz to 5KHz
15.7 kg