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Laney Nexus-SL Studio Live

Laney - Nexus-SL Studio Live

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758.00 EUR/tk


Sleek and ergonomic front panel design allows you to dial in the tone you are after, quickly and efficiently but without compromising on features.

The NEXUS SL – combines great tone shaping controls with built in, high quality digital bass effects along with the a footswitchable SHAPE feature, plus TILT andTOUCH controls give you everything you want.


The NEXUS SL is loaded with a high voltage ECC83 tube, handpicked for natural tube warmth and compression, not to mention its wide dynamic range – this is the source of the NEXUS SL’s solid bass tone and combines with up to 1000 watts (2 × 500 watts RMS) of controllable, dynamic tone available from the twin power amp sections and tube stage means that the NEXUS SL is not left wanting when it comes to BIG bass tones.


Adds just the right amount of compression in response to your input volume and playing weight.


THE NEXUS SL is supplied as standard with a T-USB interface, which allows you to connect your amplifier directly into your DAW and record both a dry bass signal at the same time as recording an amped track.

Combine this with the ability to RE-AMP your original dry signal means that getting your bass track to sit in the mix is a breeze and saves valuable time in the studio.


One of four pre-determined EQ curves can be applied to your bass tone and foot switched remotely by the FS4-NSL foot switch supplied.


The NEXUS SL includes three new high quality bass effects.

Firstly there is the SPACE function. This allows you to add either a large room reverb to your bass tone or add a retro sounding chorus effect. Turn the Space control anticlockwise to dial in reverb, turn the SHAPE control clockwise and mix in more chorus to your sound.


The Interval and Focus controls work in conjunction with each other. Interval determines whether an Octave above and below your original note is generated if turned counter clockwise, turning the Interval control clockwise adds a fifth above the original note into the mix.

The focus control determines which part of the original signal is harmonised.

Turing the control clockwise will increase the high frequency harmonics present in the signal giving you a more “synth” style tone.

Turing the FOCUS control anticlockwise reduces the high frequency harmonics present in the signal subtly emphasising the low end.

Interval is footswitchable via the FS4-NL foot controller which is supplied.



The NEXUS SL features an innovative TILT control – this is a very powerful “SEESAW” EQ feature and is best used to fine tune you tone to the environment you find your self it or if you switch basses mid set and want to quickly adjust your overall tone without losing you overall sound.

Turning TILT clockwise will emphasise the overall mid to high frequencies whilst at the same time cutting the bass, turning the TILT control anti clockwise achieves the opposite effect – pulling the mids and tops down whilst pushing the low end.


TOUCH does as the name suggests. It adjust how the Nexus SL reacts to you the player –generating immediate but subtle variations in the way the on board TUBEperforms


The NEXUS SL is a truly global amp. No matter where you are in the world you can plug the NEXUS SL directly into the mains without fear.


A professional DI is a must for any pro bass amplifier. The NEXUS SL features a studio spec DI with a variety of output options depending on what you want to achieve.

The DI output can be selected in one of 3 options, OUTPUT, POST or PRE.

OUTPUT mode sends everything to the DI, post the volume, internal effects and anything connected to the external fx loop.

POST sources its signal from after the FX and EQ but before the master volume control and finally PRE which picks up it’s signal right at the front of the pre amp – before any of the amps controls.


The on-board headphone socket allows you to monitor your performance directly from the NEXUS SL, listening to either the USB source or the amp.


The NEXUS SL is also supplied with an AUX in socket for connecting external sound sources.


As well as the TUSB connectivity the NEXUS SL features a switchable FX loop allowing you connect the outboard gear of your choice, along with a tuner out.


The NEXUS SL is fitted with a pair of Neutrik speakon connections, which allow you to connect the Nexus N range of cabinets.

Each connector is coupled to one of the two separate internal power amplifiers. One or both can be used at the same time.


The NEXUS SL can be operated safely without any cabinets attached to it – allowing for silent recording and/or headphone use


Each NEXUS SL is supplied with a dedicated FS4-NSL foot switch, rack wings & fasteners for rack mounting and a gig ready carry case.