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Ibanez SWX65

Ibanez - SWX65

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199.00 EUR/tk


More compact and lighter in weight, with more tone control.

The Ibanez SWX65 is a 65W bass combo amp with a 12" speaker. The SWX65 bass amp also has a piezo horn tweeter for extended frequency response as well as an active 3-band EQ for dialing in your sound. Other features include a tweeter on-off switch, effects Send and Return, a tilt bar for better monitoring during performance, and a line out.

Internal auto compression circuitry, one of the features found in all the SWX Series bass amplifiers, minimizes distortion and keeps the sound clean and powerful. The Ibanez SWX65 also has a HUE control that adjusts overall tonal character. A Bright switch changes the sound from that of a passive bass to that of an active bass, while a Shape switch gives you a high and low boost and mid-cut sound.
65W dedicated bass amp
12" speaker with Piezo horn tweeter
Active 3-band EQ and HUE control
Auto-Comp circuit
Shape switch and Bright switch
Master Volume control
Tweeter On/Off switch
CD/MP3 input
Headphones out
Line out
Effects Send and Return
Closed back
Tilt-up flapping bars for angled monitoring
Protected corners