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Hartke Kickback 12

Hartke - Kickback 12

Artnr: IDS0013898
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

512.00 EUR/tk


The Hartke Kickback 12 invites you to kickback and listen to the bass! These Hartke combos may look laid back, but the sound has got more jump than an NBA tip-off, giving up Hartke's classic, much-admired bass sound in an innovative and versatile package. You can stand these combos upright or tilt them back to serve as a monitor. However you use the Kickback 12, it's excellent for a huge range of applications, from rehearsing solo to playing gigs. Both the Kickback 12 and the Kickback 15 have fully adjustable Shape control features and 3-band EQ. You also get active/passive inputs and more. The Kickback 12 gives you more big bottom than Spinal Tap, with a 12" aluminum-cone driver and a house-quaking sound. And it's also very affordable!

"Two-way" (upright and tilt-back) cabinet design for performance, practice and monitoring
Custom Hartke 12" aluminum-cone driver
120 watts at 8 ohms
Unique "Shape" control for accurate tone-shaping
3-band EQ
Passive/active input jack
Balanced XLR out
Dimensions: 19"(H) X 15.5"(W) X 16"(D)
Weight: 47 lb.